Dream Elite at Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show

Executive airports are extra busy this week as the world’s elite fly in on private jets from all over the globe. Collectors of all things Lux have made their way to South Florida for the largest Boat show in the world; Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show includes yachts for sale, the unveiling of new concepts and new boats, as well as showcasing the largest yachts worldwide.

To kick-off the weekend, VIP “FLIBS” goers attended cocktails on super yachts docked at Pier Sixty-Six Marina. Hosting an event for kick-off was super yacht “Brio” built in 1986 by Heesen. Brio is measured at 125 feet featuring exterior designs by Mulder Designs.Photo taken from the Forward

Florida Yachts International (FYI) has refurbished the yacht and currently have it listed. FYI marketing Director, Zack Hadeed, predicted the super yacht “will have new owners by Sunday, with several prospective buyers’ already bringing their families for a second, and hopefully final, decision to purchase.” With hundreds of super yachts in attendance, those such as Brio, are said to sell by the weeks’ end. As elitist are here to buy from the largest selection of yachts in the world, with Brio being a truly “great deal” according to FYI CEO, Ralph Navarro. No matter the caliber client, economical pull is something that one must consider when chartering such luxuries; it is no surprise the CEO of JETLUX and CTMS (Corporate Travel Management Solutions), Tom Osovitzky, is confident that private jet travel is becoming the only way for the elite to travel, noting that flexibility, time and personalization serve as key factors in the private charter industry.

In addition to sales, new boats and designs, from Day boats, to Super MBRIOega Yachts take this weekend to educate their prospective buyers on new cutting edge designs. Among those being unveiled at this year’s Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show is Setzer announcing the new Global Oceans D-44 Express Tender Series. The new line of boats, are focused on being utilized as a Luxury Day Boat, are designed to sleek specifications that speak of elegance, featuring luminescent windshields and sharp lines throughout the boat. These true eye catchers are also equipped according to their use, geographically; the Atlantic, featuring an open layout, with low windshields to be used in warmer climates, and the Pacific featuring more of a closed off hull in order to cater to colder climates. Setzer embraces the new age look which is sweeping major cities: sleek and innovative designs. The series of tenders Setzer believes will continue their legacy of creating unique, ground-breaking designs. The cutting edge feature of these Luxury Day Boats include below deck heads, day berth and mid-ship guest berth. With the arrival of these super yachts, we hope that you will also align yourself similarly while traveling, which is why we encourage families and friends to charter private with JETLUX, Welcome to a New Height of Luxury.

Written by: Shelby Gilbert


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