Private Jet Usage Soars in the U.S.

Choosing to fly privately has now become a realistic option for business, celebrities and government professionals needing to travel regionally and nationally. The number people choosing to fly via a private jet has increased year-over-year and will continue to grow in the future. According to the Knight Frank: 2017 Wealth Report, “Globally, private jet numbers are likely to rise as the desire to travel efficiently with maximum privacy becomes more of a priority for corporations and private individuals.” Still not convinced, look at why #FlyingPrivate could be the right choice for you.

Flying Private Can Save you Money

Time is money, and your time is valuable. When flying private, flights and travel arrangements are based on your time, not the other way around. Say adios to 2-3 hour pre-arrivals, long TSA / Nexxus security checks, and super-confusing baggage claims – you are the star of the show. Flying private allows you the option of arriving minutes before jetting off into the air, or on very short notice. Upon reaching your destination, checking in is a breeze as you by-pass arrivals and you’re shuttled to your destination without hesitation or delay. Considering all these factors, the entire process usually ends up being more cost-efficient, smoother and faster – allowing you to carry on with your busy day.

Choose the Way you Fly

Do you cringe every time you’re placed beside a mom and her crying baby? No offense to babies, we love babies! When you are in boss mode, nothing can be more distracting than the high-pitched screams of a baby who cannot be soothed or coddled. When you fly private, you’re essentially are flying solo in the aircraft of your choice. Because you are flying without anyone around to be a distraction, you have the benefit of getting stuff done. In a 2009 survey by the National Business Aviation Association, respondents rated themselves as 20% more productive while on a company aircraft than in the office. Their counterparts flying commercial reported a 40% drop in productivity. Can you see where we are going with this?

Flying Private is Convenient

We all love convenience. Flying private allows access to several smaller, and more convenient airport terminals. There are more small private airport terminals than there are major commercial terminals, so your options are much greater and merrier, right? Also, you have more arrival locations at your disposal, because flying private opens your destination options. Not all airports are designed to accommodate large commercial carriers, or accessible to remote places. A light carrier jet can get anywhere you need to be because of their size and efficiency allowing you to be closer and more convenient to where you have to go.

Flying Private is Just That – Private, and Confidential

Globally, private jet numbers are rising as the desire to travel efficiently and with maximum privacy becomes more of a priority for corporations and private individuals. Whether you are a celebrity jet-setting across the globe or a business professional focusing on your latest business acquisition, it’s risky to have confidential conversations or complete important business dealings on commercial carriers. Why…, because you never know who may be around listening. Moreover, social media has made it much harder to keep things out of the public eye. At JETLUX, we ensure privacy so you can confidently conduct your business as though you were in your actual office.

You Deserve the Very Best

When flying with a private carrier, you’re not only paying for the flight, but you’re paying for the experience. Unlike commercial flights, you have several exclusive amenities at your disposal. Such perks include, but are not limited to, on-board 5-course meals, luxury car shuttle services, and reservations for the most exclusive restaurants, attractions, and hotels. The sky is the limit on how you can fly, why not do it in style? These days, many private jets are equipped with WIFI, workstations, televisions, conference spaces, and some even offer surround sound. All you need to do is ask and your wish is our command.

Whether you are looking for something small like a super light jet or something that can accommodate a few of your friends or business associates, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to book your next trip.

Welcome to a new height of luxury, #JETLUXLIFE!


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