Steeped in tradition, the Masters brings together the very best in golf. Since 1934, the perfectly manicured greens of Augusta National have been home to the sport’s most notable players and those who follow the sport avidly. Club members started wearing green jackets in 1937, so fans could easily spot them in a crowd to ask questions, meaning this sport has been about posterity from the very beginning. There’s something intoxicating about seeing the greatest golfers in their prime, competing in the first and biggest tournament of the best year – this is one of the world’s most exclusive and most prestigious competition.

It’s estimated that more than 2,500 private planes fly through Augusta during “Masters week.” Next to the Superbowl, and Art Basel Miami, The Masters, is a hotspot for the rich and famous.  With the super wealthy, celebrities and corporate titans descending upon Atlanta’s most coveted pasture. If you are lucky enough to get a spot on the green this week, chances are you are envied among your peers. For those thinking of making the trek down, we’ve done the homework and put together the perfect list of things to do, see and stay.

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Where to Stay: The Partridge Inn Augusta, Curio Collection by Hilton

This hotspot for dignitaries, celebrities, and business professions brings you back to that old time southern feel of a historic charm. The Partridge Inn has been around 1836 and has gone through many renovations mixing old glam and contemporary luxury. Let’s be clear; these rooms go very fast during Masters week. Gifts are privy to complimentary shuttle to Augusta National, breakfast daily in the P.I. Bar and Grill and custom welcome gifts. You know you’re around the very best when past guests have included golf legends, Hollywood elite, and past presidents.

Where to Eat: Augusta’s Berckmans Place

This modern hospitality facility is tucked away along the 5th fairway at Augusta National. This is the epicentre of modern style and opulence. The Masters BL badge (your access to get in) is considered the hottest and most exclusive ticket in sports as one pass costs around $6,000. These golden tickets are usually only available to CEOs of major corporation and those who are “connected” to them. What’s interesting to not is you have your private access through gate nine, so you watch the match concurrently. The facility is made up three restaurants and private putting greens (with your caddie, of course) that are replicas of the actual tournament space. Berkman Place is something to experience.

Where to Golf: Palmetto Golf Club

Palmetto Golf Club, founded as a four-hole course in 1892, born out of wealth, this private club that opens its doors to the public one week a year, yup, you guessed right, Masters week. This year marks the 125th anniversary of the revered private club. If a round of golf is in your trajectory during Masters week, be prepared to pay $1000 for a foursome a round of play. Tee times can be reserved by calling the Pro Shop during regular business hours.

Where to Party: The Champions Dinner

There’s some parties or events you can attend, people it’s The MASTERS. The most desirable party with plenty of food, drinks and where you can rub shoulders with the who’s who in business, sports and entertainment are is the coveted Champions dinner. This event takes place the Tuesday of Masters Week before the actual tournament. Traditionally, the winner of the previous year’s Masters tournament hosts the dinner and picks the menu. This is the game’s most exclusive cocktail party as you are surrounded by past winners. Seating for the event is in large part on a First-come, first-serve basis, but there is a hierarchy.

How to Fly:  JETLUX

If you’re truly a jetsetter, there is only one way to fly – with us of course. With over 6,000 options at your disposal, we’ve got you covered. We offer a plethora of options to choose from, allowing you to fly into Augusta in style. Because flying private widens your airport options, we can get you to the main to Daniel Field, a landing strip a mere five miles from the golf site. The Masters was made for those who live the luxury life. Unlike other private charter options, we can plan your entire excursion from take off to touchdown giving you VIP hospitality and adding value-added personal touches to each flight we offer. The Masters is the best place to make valuable business connections and enjoy some of the top athletes in the height of their careers.


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