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We believe flying private is more than the flight itself. At JETLUX, we coordinate every aspect of your travel to ensure you are taken care of, and every indulgence is exemplified at every stage of your journey. We’re reminded that food is an extension of affluence. Especially in relation to luxury travel, food perfectly compliments your flying experience and usually comes standard with each trip.

We pride ourselves in having a cultured selection of 5-star dining options that our clients have come to expect, and more importantly, appreciate. Creating edible masterpieces that are both visually stunning and delectable is no joke. We work with the best chefs and eating establishments in the in the business who are on top of each culinary trend and have an international flare. Our clients demand the finest in private jet charters and unparalleled attention to detail, which speaks volumes when we speak of food.

We’ve delved into what we are most excited by food, and what our clientele can expect on any one of our private planes.

Sustainable Food Options – Globally Inspired, Locally Grown

These days, knowing where your food originates is just as important as what you put in your mouth. Words like “Fresh” and “Local” are consistently associated with this farm to table approach. Conscious consumers make food purchases and decisions based on where and how food is made, grown and by whom. Global responsibility is a top concern and being incorporated in fine dining food prep. These trailblazers have a desire to cook with and eat from establishments that use ingredients, meat-based sources, seafood, and suppliers that are not only good for the consumer but good for the planet too.

Vegan – Food for the health-conscious celebrity.

In recent years, there been a continuing Vegetables will continue its rise on the dinner plate, as animal proteins and heavy side dishes make way for more vegetarian options. Food manufacturers are looking at plant-based options to create some delicious eats. Vegan options have come a long way since traditional leafy greens. Chefs now have sea vegetables (seaweed), vegan meats and vegetable based meals and ingredients. Look to vegan and vegetarianism options to become the fashionable norm, especially in the fine dining cuisine.

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Boring dinners are a thing of the past – Culinary Culture

Since #flyingprivate is its own experience, consider adding a one-of-a-kind dining experience to take your travel to the next level. Whether it’s less than obvious food pairings, remote and exclusive dining locations or blah, the sky is the limit. We especially love Heli-dining at the Four Seasons who offer après-ski dining on their picturesque mountain-top views with a customized menu. Our in-flight dining options only add to the ambiance of your travel, that is delivered Instagram ready.  


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