About Us

JETLUX, a CTMS Travel Group company, has over 30 years of travel expertise.

As a premier jet charter company, JETLUX offers unmatched luxury aircraft travel solutions, with access to more than 6,000 of the safest aircraft options worldwide. Our expert team of travel professionals will provide world-class chartered travel that is quick and efficient while exceeding your expectations of safety, ease and luxury.



We’ve got you covered. Having 30 years of global travel expertise, we undoubtedly deliver elite industry leading travel options and concierge services. Our clients demand the finest in private jet charters and unparalleled attention to detail. Allow us to coordinate your next travel experience by ensuring every aspect of your travel needs are met, from preference of aircraft, private automotive service, personal security, to on board 5-star food and beverage offerings during your flight – chartered travel has never been so pleasurable.


  • Dedicated personalized service by an experienced team of Elite Aviation Travel Specialists
  • Emergency and after-hours support is available around the clock
  • Hassle-free transfers avoiding scheduled service delays
  • Limited security screening reducing total travel time
  • Access to remote locations and destinations
  • Ultra convenient airport gateways
  • Secure, private terminals – every level of security at your disposal
  • Flexible flight schedules

Contact us today to discuss your private charter requirements.

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